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Guided by blockchain experts

Blockchain is a new world full of opportunities. However, it can be very confusing for new users. Blocto guides you in depth to explore the blockchain world and shows you fascinating blockchain applications.

Tour Guide

The most user-friendly blockchain experience

Blockchain applications used to be complex before Blocto was created. Now, through Blocto, anyone can start using blockchain applications within a minute, without any prior knowledge of blockchain.

Make the most out of your crypto assets

You can purchase and utilize thousands of different crypto assets with a unified interface, without understanding the underlying technical differences.

Crypto Assets
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Tailor-made for blockchain apps

Blockchain technology has empowered a new class of applications. These applications improve people’s lives in various fields, including finance, medicine, education and entertainment. Blocto’s innovative design makes it easy for users to use such applications.

Familiar and intuitive experience

User interface is much simpler than existing wallets. You can use blockchain applications in an intuitive and familiar way.

Tap into the vast blockchain world

Roam the blockchain world with a consistent interface and use various applications built on top of various chains. You do not need to master the underlying tech of these blockchains.

One identity to navigate blockchain world

Blocto provides an accessible blockchain identity system. You can explore blockchain world freely with this identity and interact with various blockchain applications.

Say goodbye to private keys and mnemonic phrases

It takes only a few simple steps to create a blockchain identity. You no longer need to write down mnemonic phrases and private keys. We provide secure and reliable ways for you to safe-keep your credentials.

Access from multiple devices

Users can access the same identity from multiple devices through a few simple steps.

One Identity
Blocto Point System

Flexible fee model

Every blockchain has its own transaction fee model. Users have to get various cryptocurrency before they can start using blockchain applications. This is painful for users. Here, you can use Blocto point to pay for transaction fee on all blockchains.

Cooperation with blockchain applications

We cooperate with numerous blockchain applications directly. In these cases, blockchain applications pays for users’ transaction fees and provide an even better user experience.

Get Blocto points easily

Users are given some free points upon sign up, so they can try out blockchain applications. Users can also get points by referring friends, completing missions or purchasing through Apple / Google in-app purchase.

well-rounded security

Users’ assets stored in Blocto are safe guarded by the same safety mechanisms used in modern banks and top exchanges.

Bank grade custodial system

Custodial wallet users are protected by the same security measures of banks. Private keys are stored in a separate secure key management service.

Security audit and penetration tests

Our team is experienced in system security. We also work with external information security teams to perform security audits on system and smart contracts.

Gain full control on your account

Users can choose to manage their account by themselves. Blocto will guide users to encrypt and backup their credentials and revoke access to users’ accounts.

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